Real Estate Settlements

The Settlement Process

Immediately Upon Receipt of Your Order:

  • A confirmation of receipt is emailed or faxed to you
  • A title abstract is ordered
  • Payoffs are ordered
  • If survey is needed, it is ordered

Immediately Upon Receipt of the Abstract, we:

  • Examine the abstract
  • Clear any title issues
  • Prepare the title binder/commitment and forward it to the lender

As Soon as the Lender is Ready, we:

  • Schedule settlement
  • Receive loan docs via email from lender
  • Prepare and finalize the settlement sheet
  • Conduct the settlement
  • Disburse the funds

After Settlement, we:

  • Record the title documents within 7 Business days
  • Obtain Release
  • Issue Title Policies
  • Prepare the title policies and record releases of paid off loans